Taming of the Muse

Where I try to talk about writing things


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If you’ve found this page, you’ve wandered to a very interesting place—a place where beautiful words are king and random thoughts about those words abound.

I’m Josh Beaumont, and this small plane of Internet existence is where I give updates on my creative endeavors (most of which currently center on the completion of the first of my novel series, Words of Providence) and talk about my journey through the writing universe.

Writing, to me, has always been about expression. In that sense, it’s something everyone can relate to, even if not everyone chooses to express himself or herself through writing. What first started as a way for me to express my emotions during more turbulent parts of my life eventually became a channel through which my imagination could flow. In that vein, fantasy is a genre that has activated that imagination flow since I was young, and I want to open that channel for fantasy to be able to enthrall future generations with its beauty and ingenuity.

If you’d like to hear more from me, I update my Twitter very regularly (you can follow me at @JBeauSpeaks), and you can find my writing updates on Facebook.


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